From A Grateful Oklahoma Boater...


I just wanted to say thanks and let you see the before and after pictures after using Boat Brite. Feel free to use the photos. It took a bit of "Elbow Grease" on the heavier algae and we are very pleased with the results by using your product. We will certainly be recommending Boat Brite to our friends.

Thanks, Grateful Oklahoma Boater

 before using Boat Brite boat cleaning products

after using Boat Brite boat cleaning products



From David...

Hey Captain John, pretty much took care of it... :)

 before using Boat Brite boat cleaning products before using Boat Brite boat cleaning products before using Boat Brite boat cleaning products




after using Boat Brite boat cleaning products after using Boat Brite boat cleaning products after using Boat Brite boat cleaning products

From Jack, F

From Bill Houghton.

Thanks for the personal note you sent along with the Algae and Waterline stain remover. What an amazing product. We bought this at the recommendation of my son’s rowing coach. His racing scull was looking pretty dirty and when this arrived he wanted to go down to the boathouse right away and try it. As you can see in the picture (which has a little bit of the before and after), the Boat Brite product did a fantastic job without having to scrub or rub. Thanks!

From Nixa, MO.

Hi Captain John,

I recently received my boat cleaning supplies from your company and want to thank you for the nice personal note you included. That is rare to see nowadays!
Also, I wanted to compliment you for the manor in which you prepared my package for shipment. It was none in a way that I can tell you care it is received intact.

Kevin Farnsworth

My boat is on a slip/dock on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri and I was introduced to your Algae/Waterline product by a neighbor on the dock. I am looking forward to using all the additional products and imagine they will work as well as the one we have already tried before. I plan on recommending your products to others I know who have boats, especially a friend of mine from Kansas City who is a boat cleaning maniac.

Thanks again for the note and best wishes to you & your business.

From Mark Hale.

This was sent to West Marine by a fan of the Boat Brite Algae & Waterline Stain Remover….he sent us a copy to post….Thanks Mark!

To whom it may concern,

I recently went to one of your stores in Troy, MI looking for a hull cleaner to remove the waterline and algae stains from my boat.  I had a half bottle of "Roll Off" left over from last year and thought it was the cleaner I wanted.  One of your sales reps at the store said "Roll Off is really good stuff" so I spent the $27 for a gallon.  When I got home to try it, I was sorely disappointed.  I let it soak, I scrubbed it, I used 3000PSI with a 25 degree tip in my pressure washer and still had horrible stains.  Fortunately I never opened the gallon jug (returning it today).

Luckily (after hours of scrubbing with Roll Off, Simple Green, and bleach water, I found a half bottle of Captain John's Boat Brite in a corner cabinet of my garage.  It took off ALL of the stains without any scrubbing whatsoever!  Spray it on and the stains just rinse away.

Why don't you carry this in your stores?  None of the stores in my area carry it.  Captain John's Boat Brite is far superior to products your sales rep suggested.  Not his fault, because you don't carry it in the store he has probably never used it!

Please add Captain John's Boat Brite to your store inventory so that your customers can enjoy the same high quality experience as I have.  Roll Off may have a place in the boat cleaning world, but it is NOT any good at removing water and algae stains.  Boat Brite kicks its butt!!!!

From Terry Kuczka Lockport, NY

Captain John,

I tried to send this to you via your website and got a error.  Hope fully you will receive this?

I have a 19 foot Trophy center console (white hull) that has been in Wilson Harbor (Wilson, NY on Lake Ontario) since May and I used your Algae & Waterline Stain Remover to clean the bottom. I first sprayed the product on to get the surface wet and let it sit for about 3 minutes to work on the brown stain that looks awful on the hull of the white Trophy. I then would dump in a bucket ¼ of a cup of the Algae & waterline Stain remover and add 1 cup of water and put a brush in and scrubber the stubborn stained area. Between the spraying and scrubbing I had a show room looking boat in an hour. In spring I will polish her up and be ready to hit the water in Spring. Great product.


G'day guys,

I bought a spray bottle of your Boat Brite over here in Australia, got to be honest didn't believe the "spray on, wipe off" bit. Just recently bought a new (Second hand) boat, the hull was REALLY yellowed and stained, so I thought I'd give that a shot (was going to acid wash it), sprayed a little bit on a rag and wiped it on, and the hull came up like brand new. Couldn't believe how easy it was and how well it worked.

Now, reason for my email besides the full-on praise for a top product. The 1 gallon containers (I've got a 25ft boat, there's a fair bit of yellowing to remove) for $41?USD, how much is postage to Geelong, Victoria, Australia, 3220? I tried doing the shipping calculator on your website but it said it couldn't provide me with a quote. I know freight is expensive from one side of the world to the other, but I just thought I'd see if it was cheaper for me to buy it direct from you in the larger size, or by the bottle over here.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work.

From Adele Duncan, Oswego NY...

I was told about Captain Johns Algae cleaner and I went right out and bought it. This is the best product I’ve found yet. The green algae comes right off so the boat looks as good as new. The black streak also works great on the exhaust and grime. I would definitely recommend these products. I used it to make my 1998 252 Baja look bright again.  So bright I sold it and just ordered more products for my next boat. Thanks again.

From Taylor Pugsley

Hi Captain John.

I am located in Oakville Ontario. We spoke on the phone last year. Once again your product performed wonderfully! Two months of growth was easily removed (aside from a few hard stain spots). Very impressive! Still cannot believe there are no acids in this product.

From Jack.

I told you I would send you some feedback when I had a chance to use the Algae and Stain Remover, and now I risk sounding like some old hack when I tell you this stuff is fantastic. I’m a 57 year old, retired, lazy, picky guy, and I’ve come to expect my money’s worth from products. Yours exceeded my expectations by a long shot.

The first picture is from the bottle I ordered from West Marine because they didn’t have one on the shelf. We sprayed a little on the starboard underside near the stern and waited maybe 30 seconds before we knew we had found the right stuff. I ordered a gallon because I knew that one bottle wouldn’t do our 26’ sailboat’s entire underside, and that’s when you and I talked on the phone. Finally today I got the time to pour the gallon in a pump-up sprayer and let it go to work. Holy sh-t! No rubbing, no gloves, no anything. At the car wash we sprayed it on, waited a minute or so, and rinsed it off - end of story. I don’t know what kind of stain we have, but I expect it is tannin from the Pithlachascotee River where we launch on the way to the Gulf for sailing and racing. We’ve tried a lot of stuff over the past two years, and now we aren’t looking any more or trying anything else.

From Bill.

Hi Cap,

I received my order of Boat Brite and as usual, it did the job.
Thank you for the follow up.

From Diane Cotting.

I finally tried the product. And my test case was a set of oars. The front side were a mess.  Actually looking Charles river brown.  So while they were in for maintenance I decided I'd try to clean them up. I gave the a couple of squirts. That's it and I went into the other room to get some paper towels. I was gone maybe 30 seconds and had to do a double take. They were pure white and I hadn't touched them  I rinsed them with water and started on the back side of the oars. This time I stood over the oars and watched.  It was like Penn and Teller -a real magic show.  I am still stunned.  Can't wait to try a big boat.


From Mike.

Captain John,

I finally was home and had time after rowing to clean up the rowing shell.  I washed it with soap and water, which did nothing to get the algae stains off, then dried it.

I sprayed on, and wiped off the BoatBright and the stains came right off.  Then I used the YachtShine, and it polished up great.
Thanks for a couple of products that work great, just like the bottle says.

From Andy.

Hey Captain John,

Thanks for the email! We have seen the product at work and love it! I used to work for Pocock Racing Shells, so that’s how I got turned onto Boat Brite. Looking forward to seeing what it can do one some tough stains on a couple boats that are arriving from Boston, and the Charles is rough on those gelcoat boats. Thanks again and happy 2016!

From Brad Hauk...

Hi, Captain John. Recently you called my house to see if the boatbrite spider and bird cleaner product worked, and I would like to tell you that, Yes, It is an excellent product and would highly recommend.

From Jim Neumann,NAUTICARE Professional Yacht Services...

I had to write you this brief letter to tell you how excited I am about your “Bird and Spider Stain Remover”. My company, NAUTICARE Professional Yacht Services has been managing and caring for privately owned yachts and boats since 1993. Over the years my crew and I have gone through almost every product on the shelf trying to find a cleaning product that work well on bird and spider stains without stripping away the boats wax or polish. It wasn’t until the beginning of the boating season that we discovered “Captain John’s Bird and Spider Stain Remover“ and gave it the real world test. Without a doubt, your product is the best we have ever used for removing bird and spider stains. The entire boating season NAUTICARE Professional Yacht Services used Captain John’s on every boat in our care. To this day they are all stain free and the waxy finish and shine remain. Thank you for such a great product.

From Joe...

Hi Cap, Yes, the product works well. I maintain my own boat only. I have a boat cover but it is a real pain to put on as it is a large Tri-toon Bennington. We are on the boat every weekend and it is impractical to mess with the cover during boating season. I will order some more but let me know when the 32 oz is available.

From Dan Monak Marblehead Ohio....

HMerry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Just wanted to say thank you and your products for the year I had. As you say your products help me time wise and I did not get burned out half way through the year. I also got plenty of compliments and introduced your product to a lot of people at Bay Point Marina and Catawba Moorings. Thanks again and looking forward to spring

From Captain Jerry Sullivan, Riviera Yachts, Florida...

Our Detailers love the spider/bird droppings remover.  The Black Streak Remover is the new answer to cleaning white starboard steps, in addition to all it's other uses such as diesel exhaust stains and canvas run-off type black streaks.

From Lorry Aslinger, Shady Grove Harbor, Soddy Daisy, TN....

I bought Capt Johns Boat Brite and used it to clean a boat, it is amazing. Ya'll need to tell everyone how great it works on spider stains. Any boat that hasn't been cleaned in a while would be great for that product. Thanks for telling me about it.

From Pat Bendel...

As you  can see from my order, I am a huge fan of the bug, spider, bird  dropping cleaner.  This is my favorite cleaner to use not only on the  boat but our vehicles. We remain dedicated to your products.

From Pat Bendel...

Capt John, We have used your products consistently for two years and are in need of the Bird and Spider Remover. Can you confirm if West Marine or Boat US is carrying your Bird and Spider remover? Your algae and water line has worked wonders with cleaning the water line on our boat. We use the bird and bug remover on our cars with fantastic results. We are definitely loyal customers to your product line.

From SusanKeohan...

We usually spend a week or two with our Bristol 35.5 in Wellfleet, MA, notorious not only for a shallow harbor, beautiful beaches, and Wellfleet Oysters, but also the dreaded Wellfleet Cormorants.  We’ve come to rely on your Bird and Spider Dropping Remover for cleanups, and  won’t head for Wellfleet without it! We carry a full complement of Captain John products on the boat, and help keep her as beautiful as she deserves, without dumping nasty chemicals into the waters we so enjoy.

From Lou and Nancy R., A-Bay...

Hi there and thanks for making your bird & spider stain remover! We boat in the 1000 Islands and keep our 38' Sea Ray in a covered marina.  It's amazing how many black dots are on our decks, bimini and aft canvas and even on the helm upholstery. The spider dots combined with the bird plops had us seriously contemplating leaving the marina for an outdoor slip elsewhere. We saw a dock neighbor using your product (with great success) and borrowed a few squirts. Needless to say, we enjoyed the results and use it every weekend. We also have the algae stain remover and your vinyl cleaner is great too. Thanks for making good products.

From JW...

Here in NC we keep our boats in the boathouse to keep them protected from the sun. But while protecting the gelcoat from oxidation the boats get hammered by spider crap. We tried too many different products to list but we found your spider stain remover at the nearby West Marine at lake Wiley. The stuff really works well. Thanks...

From Jim & Kay Atlanta, GA...

We had just purchased your bird and spider dropping cleaner. We have a pontoon boat on a lake that we keep covered. We are always keeping it clean but we are getting what we think and were told spider droppings on the vinyl seats.We have tried everything and nothing has gotten the yellowish/green stain off till we bought your product. We used magic erasers ( my wife's fav ), black streak remover, X-14,vinyl and leather cleaner all to no avail. We appreciate your Boat Brite spider stain remover and will try your other products too.

From Dave, Palm Coast FL...

I keep my boat under a roofed boat lift on the IntraCoastal Waterway.  We have a nice, bright dusk-to-dawn fishing light that doubles as an "obstruction" light, but it draws lots of bugs (which draw lots of spiders, which draw lots of mud-daubers).  After two years of inattentiveness and trying other products that didn't work, I had myself a real mess!  This cleaner was just what the Doctor (or the Captain!) ordered.  Spray it on; wait 30-seconds; scrub a little with a toothbrush; and WOW!  Absolutely GONE, even in the non-skid tread!  Thanks, John!  I had learned to turn off the light, and to keep the spider webs knocked down, but getting rid of those spots returned to me a boat I don't mind taking guests aboard, now.

From Patty.

This 18 yr. old boat went from being really sad to looking GOOD AS NEW!

before using Boat Brite boat cleaning products
after using Boat Brite boat cleaning products

Thanks again. I am so grateful for your work and product!

From Dennis, CAR.

Captain John,

Your Hard Water product is amazing. I tried all the brands at Home Depot which didn't work. I took a chance with yours and I was instantly amazed. My boat is completely clean and no more ugly mineral film and spots. And then I applied the YachtShine Phenomenon and the metal flake paint on my bass boat just sparkles - like a sky at night!

I am singing your praises to all my friends!

From Craig Winn

Captain John,

You shipped me a bottle of Hard Water and Mineral Deposit Remover last week.

From Collin

The entire hull is water spot free and is looking fantastic. Next visit I'm going to get the surface warm enough to apply a couple coats of polish and see how she turns out. I've been spreading the word about your products to everyone that stops by to see how I'm making my girl look so good. Thanks again for all of the info and I'll let you know how things turn out.

From James and Judy Shannon,TX.

Captain John,

We received our order and used the hard water and mineral deposit cleaner.  It is amazing!  All of the film just melted off and left our boat shiny and sparkling.  The cleaner for the vinyl seats works like a miracle too.  Our seats looked dirty and nothing I used would clean them but your product did!  Our seats look like new!  I am so thankful my husband found your products while searching online.  I wish I had taken before and after pictures so you could see the difference.  Thank you.

From Nishanto, Simsbury, Ct.

As you know I ordered your product called Brite Boat because the water coming from my sprinkler system stained my house.  My house is vinyl sided.  The water hit a good portion of the side of my house including a 6ft sliding glass door and two other windows.  I tried to clean it off with the strongest of detergents including straight bleach.  Nothing I tried worked.  I was extremely upset and thought I would have to replace the windows as well as the siding. I came across your product by doing some research on the internet.

When it arrived, I immediately used it on the house and within 15 minutes what seemed impossible to clean, came off with just a wipe. A real miracle. Captain John you have saved me a lot of money and aggravation.  My suggestion to you is that you market this product for cleaning bathrooms, and anything that has hard water stains.

The average householder should know about this product, not just boat people.
I am so glad I have it,  I will let many people to know about it.
Thanks so much   This is truly a five star product.

From Captain Richard.

Hey Captain John, After we spoke on the phone I followed your advice and bought the Hard Water product. I sprayed it on my boat and I couldn't believe it. The crust and spots that I got from Lake Michigan vanished and they were on there since last summer. Thanks for making such a great product and thanks for all the good info you shared with me on the phone.

From Trevor.

Effortless cleaning!!

Our ski boats are in and out of the river 5 nights a week, this product has made it so easy to remover the hard water spots from the river we spend a lot less time cleaning boats. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that enjoys a life on the water.

From unknown.


We had a 14 year accumulated crust of mineral(magnesium) deposit on the hull of our lake boat from being in the water all summer. Last year I decided to try to get it off. I could only scrape it off with my fingernails. I tried 5 different products and a buffer, all to no avail. After I read the reviews of Boat Brite Hard Water and Mineral Deposit Remover I decided to give it a try. I was amazed that there was hope and the product did indeed cut through that crust and our boat looks new again.

From Video.

Hard Water cleaner is amazing!

This year, I went to work as soon as the boat was out of the water. In 4 hours, it is looking great. I am very grateful. Also, I used this on the shower, toilet and sinks in my house and am delighted with the results, shiny and new looking again. I followed up the cleaning with an application of Yacht Shine. What a great product!
I tried the product this weekend on some older streaks on a boat I purchased used last year.  It had been in a hard water environment for several years and I was afraid nothing would remove the streaks.

I’m pleased to say the product performed quite well!  A few ounces and a little rubbing, and my pontoon boat is streak-free!

I stopped into the marina where I purchase most of my boat products and recommended they carry Boat Brite (assuming you distribute to stores).  You may hear from Devils Lake Water Sports in Manitou Beach, MI.

I also must add that the handwritten note with the product sets you apart from all other internet retailers I’ve used.

Thanks again!

From Karen.

Thanks, Captain John - it arrived on Friday and I used the hard water product with good results on a fiberglass shower at our cabin that had significant hard water buildup on it.  Looks almost like new!

From Boyd Reynolds.

Dear Captain John,

I had recently ordered a bottle of your Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover and I just wanted to let you know that your product worked like a charm!  I had purchased a used boat and it had this hard white thick crust all along the waterline of the hull & motor. The previous owner said he had tried everything he knew of to remove it unsuccessfully & thus I purchased the boat at a discounted price. I then tried everything I could think of, unsuccessfully, & was just about to give up & just live with it when I came across your website. I have to admit, I was quite skeptical that your product would work any better than the numerous products I had previously used. I was amazingly shocked when I applied it to the first little test spot & the white crust just came right off! Now my boat looks like new again. Thank you for an amazing product, & I will be trying some more of your products in the future.

Thanks again.

From Howie & Carol:

Carol and I were bringing our 1969 Uniflite back to Seneca Lake for the winter. With Carol at the helm I decided to clean the boat one last time using your cleaners. I started with the liquid cleaners and it worked well in our salon especially on the headliner which had some mildew along the edges (Carol commented that it didn't have a chemical smell). On the bridge the upholstery cleaned better than I have ever seen and my helm seat arm rests get especially dirty and WOW all the dirt disappeared. I then used the gel and the paste and proceeded to clean the entire deck of this old 36 footer and honestly, both Carol and I agreed that the boat was cleaner than at any other time during the eleven years we've owned her. We'll have an arsenal of your products on board the next year and I'll be telling all my brokerage customers about them too.

From Dawn Draeger, St. Peter, MN. …

We purchased the Vinyl & Leather Cleaner (32oz) from a Sports/Camper Show in Minneapolis earlier this spring and just recently used it to clean our awning. We had such awesome results that we would like to purchase more for ourselves, and our neighbors in the campground would like us to purchase the product for them as well. Can we order direct from this website address, or do we have to find a dealer and order from them? Thank you for your help!

From Mike Franklin, Principal, The Yacht Keeper, Inc., Jupiter, Florida…

I tried the Black Streak remover on a large raw diesel fuel stain on the transom of a boat today. The stain was in the gel coat. It could not be rubbed off. When the Black Streak was applied, the stain cascaded down off the transom and, with a quick rinse, it was completely gone. Took about 10 seconds. Great stuff.

From Charlie.

Cap, Congrats on a great product. This stuff work incredibly well, with minimal effort. Out of all the cars and boats I have detailed over the years, I have never gotten the color to come back and realized such a deep gloss with such ease. I have white, red and blue on my hull and after 5 years in the sun it was ready for some elbow grease. The good news is that after an afternoon of work, my arms do not hurt and the boat looks virtually new.

From Tracey.

Do I ever have to polish my boat again??? Thank you. I love your products. I polished our boat and then used the yacht shine. AMAZING results. Turned lots of heads and many compliments. But I am thinking I may never have to polish again if I keep up the protection with the yacht shine. Or am I just dreaming? Returned home from a cruise today, navy hull covered in salt spray, a quick rinse with water and left the boat. Returned a few hours later, hull was dry and not a speck of salt on the hull. Before yacht shine I used to rinse with salt away and then fresh water and after it dried I always had white residue on the navy hull. So far...totally in love with the Ultimate Finish!

From Captain John...

Fellow boaters, explaining how the Boat Brite Mold & Mildew Preventer works is challenging as it doesn't give "instant gratification" like a cleaning or polishing product. However, let me say, without hesitation, the product "flat-out works"! Every test we've done has proven this with really good results including an unscheduled test on my boat early this summer.

My boat was launched by the marina and (supposedly) all systems were checked and fully operational. This unfortunately, was not the case. When I got settled at my dock I connected the "dockside water" in which a hose connects the boat to the municipal water source available to each boat at their dock. I turned the water on, listened and looked and found no leaks and then left the boat. I returned about 2 hours later to find the cabin carpet saturated with water. The water was pouring out of the water heater drain valve which had not been tightened after winterizing. Needless to say I spent hours sucking up the water with a shop-vac. My biggest concern was about the mold that would surely flourish in the damp carpeting especially with the boat closed up during the week.

"My fears were completely eliminated by the Boat Brite Mold & Mildew Preventer"

After numerous passes with the shop-vac all standing water was extracted though the carpet was still damp. Just before I left the boat to head home for the week I applied a liberal spray of the Boat Brite Mold & Mildew Preventer to the carpet. The temps during the week were high as was the humidity. When I returned to the boat the next weekend and opened the door to the cabin the stuffy inside air was odor-free. Even in the small, enclosed compartment where the water heater is positioned - no smell and no signs of mold. I was really impressed, for this was a perfect environment for mold to really take hold.

Just the one application kept my boat mold free throughout the summer and fall.

Captain John

From David Marlow…

I am quite happy with the wax remover. I hope you sell a zillion barrels and eliminate the Acetone-MEK-Toluene trail. Today I applied it to a fresh hull with a scrubby pad and tested adhesion of resin on three spots. One with simple washing, adhesion poor. One with wiping on only by soft rag, adhesion very good. One with product applied and very lightly scuffed with scrubby pad, adhesion outstanding! I will include an article in our next Newsletter (April) relative to your products and the goal to mitigate damage to the environment. Perhaps you might like to write the article for submission?

From David Krupp, Tonopah, Arizona…

My wife and I own a 1989 fish/ski boat in Tonopah, AZ. The boat suffered from extremely oxidized wax all over the hull of the boat, particularly the color areas. After trying every cleaner, wax remover, rubbing compound, and everything else I could think of to clean the boat I began to get extremely frustrated. My wife, sensing my frustration and unbeknownst to me, purchased some of you Marine/Mold Release Wax Remover. I witnessed a miracle. In about three hours we were able to remove all of the old wax from the boat. I could not believe how easily the old wax came off with a little soaking and a soft brush. I figured it would take me years to remove the old wax with a buffer and rubbing compound. It even removed the sticky from the old ID numbers. I don't remember the last time I was more impressed with a product. I will definitely recommend your product to anyone and everyone who has a boat.