Boat Black Streak and Exhaust Stain Remover

  • Deep cleaning action.
  • Removes stubborn black streaks & all petroleum based stains, including gas and diesel exhaust residual.
  • No harsh chemicals!
  • Deep Cleaning Action
  • Instantly Removes Stubborn Black Streaks
  • Removes Petroleum Based Stains
  • Removes Gas & Diesel Exhaust Build-up
  • No Harsh Chemicals

How to use Boat Brite Black Streak and Exhaust Stain Cleaner:

Spray Boat Brite Black Streak and Exhaust Stain Cleaner onto the surface to be cleaned. Wipe the black streaks away with a soft cloth. Rinse surface with water.

For tough to reach areas, use a sponge mop or wrap a terry cloth towel around the end of a deck brush - spray Black Streak Remover onto your applicator and wipe the black streaks away. Rinse the surface with water.

Note: Black Streak Remover will remove newer diesel exhaust stains. It will not remove old, embedded diesel exhaust stains.