Yacht Shine Marine Teak Sealer

“Keeps Boat Teak Clean and Looking Natural”

  • Water-Based - Contains No Oils
  • Repels Dirt, Soot, Spills
  • Fast, Easy Application
  • Planet-Safe “Green” Formulation
  • Ready-To-Use

Yacht Shine Marine Teak Sealer when applied to new or freshly cleaned teak penetrates into the grain and forms a long-lasting sub-surface barrier prohibiting the deep-grain intrusion of soot, airborne pollutants, food and beverage spills. The Marine Teak Sealer is invisible when dry leaving your teak its natural silver color. Decks retain their needed sure-footedness – even when wet

Periodic refreshing of your teak with the Yacht Shine Marine Teak Sealer will significantly reduce harsh 2-part cleanings!


Restore Teak to its Peak Appearance

If sanded brush away residual dust 

If freshly cleaned allow to dry completely

Application: Avoid midday sun (10am-2pm). Min Temp/ 50F

Spray: Through trigger sprayer or pump-up, lightly wet teak – do not saturate. Follow immediately with bristle brush, microfiber mop/roller to spread evenly and assist into grain.

Microfiber Roller / Mop or Bristle Brush: Transfer product to applicable container. Load applicator and going with grain lightly wet teak – do not saturate, spreading evenly. Light pressure on the applicator will assist product into grain.

Allow 1st coat to thoroughly dry –  apply 2nd coat immediately after dry

Coverage: aprox. 800 sq.ft per gallon

Media Review for Yacht Shine Teak Sealer

YARD Magazine: Miracle Product
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