Hard Water Crust on Your Boat in Lake Michigan?

Captain John Coleman

I was going to talk a little about Phenomenon, but a customer called in with a problem for which one of our other products was well suited, so I've decided to share that story instead.

It seems that the mineral composition of the water in Lake Michigan leaves a significant build-up on the hulls of boats kept in the water all season.

Before calling, a Charter Fishing Captain performed a Google search for a product to remove this “mineral crust” from his hull, windows and clear vinyl enclosure. He came upon our website and was directed to the Boat Brite Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover product page. Fearing “Internet snake oil”, he called me (Captain John), and after an enjoyable conversation he placed an order and awaited his product shipment at his home in upstate Michigan.

Boat Brite Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover For Boats

The next conversation we had – well, it had a familiar tone. Frankly, I could have heard Captain Richard’s words of amazement without a phone. He exclaimed that the product did exactly what I said it would do – it literally liquefied the mineral crust and spots “on contact“ – and without the use of harsh chemicals.

The Boat Brite Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover is a blend of planet-safe ingredients designed to do a good job on all freshwater minerals AND it is equally impressive for removing saltwater film and crust.

And yes, if you have hard water issues at home, our Hard Water & Mineral Deposit Remover will get rid of the crust there, too!

Have you used the product on your boat or areas in your home? Feel free to submit questions or comments below, and I'll be happy to answer!

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