What is the Ultimate Boat Finish?

The Ultimate Finish, also called the "dynamic duo", is the one-two punch that will not only leave your boat clean and protected all season long, but man, will she shine! The Ultimate Finish includes:

Boat Brite Boat Polish

  • Very easy to apply
  • Can be applied with wet or dry applicator - See application video
  • Can be applied in direct sun
  • Season-long protection
  • Works great on cars and trucks, too!

Yacht Shine Phenomenon - Boat Sealer

Phenomenon Boat Sealer fills and seals microscopic imperfections in gelcoat, paint and all solid surfaces significantly reducing the accumulation of dirt. This results in wash-down time reductions of nearly 50%.

Ready to Use and Excellent on All Solid Surfaces that are best kept with a high gloss and protection. These surfaces include:

  • Paint & Gelcoat
  • Varnished Woodwork
  • Glass & Mirrors
  • Granite & Marble
  • Metallics (brass, stainless, chrome and precious)
  • Clear Vinyl Enclosures


  • Take your applicator and submerge it into a bucket of water. (Best applicator is sponge filled terry cloth applicator found in most boat and auto stores)
  • Lightly squeeze out excess water and put a squirt of the Boat Polish onto the wet applicator and apply to your boat. Be sure to put light pressure on the applicator to extract the deeply imbedded dirt from the porosity.
  • Now, before you reload with a new squirt of polish, first submerge the applicator back into the bucket of water, swish it around to release the captured dirt, pull it out, squeeze out the excess water, reload and apply.
  • Follow this process all the way around your boat. (FYI…I would suggest wearing rubber gloves because washing the polish from your hands is really difficult, and don’t use your favorite bucket because it will be a mess when you’re done.)
  • Now let the polish dry. (Depending on the size of your boat and your climate, where you started may already be dry. You can test to see by wiping off the polish with a clean, dry terrycloth towel. If it wipes off easily you can proceed but if it is not real easy let it continue to dry.)
  • When it has dried, lightly buff your boat with the terrycloth towel (rotate the towel often and "snap it" to get rid of the polish dust). Then stand back and admire your efforts.


After you've applied 1 or 2 coats of polish, it's time to seal-in the polish with YachtShine Phenomenon. (See video for application technique)

  • Spray Phenomenon onto surface
  • Use a clean microfiber cloth and spread the Phenomenon as far as it can go over the surface
  • Using another clean microfiber cloth, dry the Phenomenon.
  • Repeat until entire boat has been coated
  • Periodic refresher coats of Phenomenon will keep the gloss and protection intact indefinitely

Testimonials for Phenomenon

John,  First I LOVE Phenomenon, truly. As you can see, my boat looks great. I keep it looking good but Phenomenon is a true improvement and really fast and easy to use like you said!  . I'm glad you said to use it on the glass it works great....

I like to experiment so I have also used it on our granite counter tops as well as the stove cook-top, and it looks great!  Also I have used it on my computer screen and I-Phone.

I did all the wood furniture in my Condo and it looks great! One thing I liked best is that I have a round wood center table with a glass top in the middle................  This is the first time that I did not remove the glass, I just Phenomenoned it all!!

Love it!

Stuff works !!! our cars are like a sheet of Teflon !  or in my trucks case…”BLACK ICE”.
Cap. John,


The labor force was sore...but got her done and she looks great in spite of 9 months of grimy cruising and 80 locks without a bath.  We had all sorts of positive praise.  The stuff really works to help make the next cleanup easier and make her look great.  The Boat Brite Polish base helps as well.
Thanks, Joe


Last night I finished applying Phenomenon to the starboard side of my hull and am pleased with the results. I tested it out by trying to stick a piece of blue tape to it and it wouldn't even grab onto it. I am looking forward to the reduced maintenance this season, even though I get great enjoyment from it. 

Thanks again for the suggestion and I'll let you know when I need to reorder. 
  Colin Swindlehurst


I hope you're having a great week so far. I wanted to provide you with an update regarding the Phenomenon product that you sold to me a little while back. This has to be one of the best products I have ever used to detail boats. Just this afternoon, I cleaned the glass windows on my boat with Windex and couldn't seem to get all of the streaks to go away. So I decided to give Phenomenon a chance and I have never seen such clean and clear windows before. They looked better than brand new! I also sprayed some on my stainless bow rail and it came out perfect!

I will be sending a message to all of my boating buddies telling them to place an order with you ASAP, because it just doesn't seem right to have them miss out on such a fantastic and versatile product.

Thanks again, Colin Swindlehurst


Thank you for your usual great service. Phenomenon is great and as wonderful as your other products. I recommend your products all the time to my friends. – Harry

Bobby was so happy when I talked to him last night. He came to shop and redid a few of the boats that he had already finished - he made them better with your Phenomenon. He is sold. – Michael at M&M Marina

I mean, juries still out, it's only been 2 weeks but so far the Phenomenon is about a thousand percent better than any wax... great look to the finish, and easy. The boat is 12 YO and hasn't looked quite this good in a while (if a 12 YO boat can look good).


See the pics of my old boat and new one. You can see the shine on the Formula 206 and that’s thanks to your Phenomenon product. – Ryan


Hi Captain, I applied the Yacht shine the other day to our 40 footer. It looks great! Oh - by the way, I did the whole boat myself - including moving the step ladder and various debris around - in about 45 minutes.

PS - there were several skeptical but interested people watching. I've been at this yard for 25 years and even the yard crew was asking what the heck I was doing. If you want I can leave the yard and Yacht club with some samples.


My cousin & I were on the boat yesterday after picking up Phenomenon. We tried it on the foredeck and it was wonderful :) The guy at West Marine wanted to know what I thought so I called him and and told him it was great. I'll be doing a short-haul soon and I'll use it on the hull then... Thank you Captain John!!!
Stay well - Tom


Captain John - You're the man! I thank you, not only for the good advice but also for taking the time to graciously responding to me... a rare experience and it's been my pleasure corresponding with you. Why can't more people be like you? Stay well Captain John, I'm on my way to West Marine to buy more Phenomenon >>> I've attached a pic of my granddaughter and I’m ready to take the boat off the mooring - she likes a clean hull so she'll be happy :)


Captain Jerry is a personal friend and was also one of many field-testers of Phenomenon prior to it being branded…this is input from a test panel hung from a dock in a small canal off the ICW in Palm Beach, FL.. The gel coat got about 3/8" slime growth on the bottom 2" of the panel and just a light covering on the next 2" up that was also fully submerged the whole time. I ran my finger across both and the upper slime came right off and the lower slime mostly did.......How gross is that............my poor finger.


Hi Captain John, I purchased some of your Phenomenon last spring, after I had such good results from your Algae & Waterline Remover. We keep our Sea Ray at a dock where there is a high level of vegetation, requiring serious cleaning every fall! We used the Yacht Shine Phenomenon on the entire hull and were impressed at the shine but even more impressive was how fast and easy the application was. I know you said it would keep the boat cleaner because nothing would stick to the surface but this fall I took the boat out and there was no buildup of algae at the waterline - just a light film which wiped off easily with your Algae & Waterline Stain Remover. The stern-drive was covered and next year we'll spray it with the Yacht Shine! Good stuff!