Yacht Shine Boat Exhaust Stain Remover

“We Listened to the Deck Crews and Designed a Formulation To Meet Their Needs”
  • Thickened boat cleaner formula that actually clings to vertical surfaces
  • Trigger Sprayable
  • Deep cleans and removes even a thick build-up of greasy soot

Spray Yacht Shine Boat Exhaust Stain Remover onto the surface to be cleaned. Lightly scrub the soot and black streaks with a soft brush or dampened sponge mop. Rinse with water.

For tough to reach areas, spray product directly onto the brush bristles or dampened sponge mop. Lightly scrub and rinse thoroughly.

Note: Old, embedded diesel exhaust stains will likely require a 2nd cleaning. Spray onto exhaust stain, allow to sit for a few minutes, lightly scrub with a soft brush.

Note: To reduce adhesion of exhaust soot to surface apply 2 coats of a wax/polish. The Yacht Shine Ultimate Finish works very well.

Deck Crews and Detailing Teams are very busy and rarely take the time to write and send a testimonial. I followed-up with many of the crews and teams and the product got the "thumbs up" and regular re-orders confirmed the product works well.