Boat Brite Marine Mold Remover & Wax Release

  • Quick Boat Mold Removal and Wax Release
  • The Detailers Choice for Complete removal of old imbedded wax.
  • A Richer, Swirl-Free Polished Finish is Achieved.

Several years ago we were challenged by David Marlow of Marlow Yachts to develop an alternative to the Acetone/MEK products commonly used in our marine industry to remove mold release wax from the hulls and assorted parts of new boats. We jumped at the challenge and the product results were excellent.

Boat Brite Boat Mold and Wax Remover is non-toxic, odorless and VOC-free. Boat Brite Marine and Mold Release Wax Stripper is a powerful spray-on formula. The formulation is a clever design of powerful wax softeners but it is also thixotropic which means that it will cling to even vertical surfaces for extended time allowing the product to soften multiple coats of wax without dripping off.

Additional good news is that the Boat Brite Mold and Wax Remover has twice the square foot coverage and is significantly less expensive than harsh liquid wax strippers.

  • Safe for your employees

  • Reduced VOC emission fees

  • Twice the coverage for less money

Why should I Remove the Old, Embedded Wax?

Have you ever seen the finish of a recently detailed boat at noon with the sun high in the sky? Sure you have and it often looks great – nice gloss and color. But, as the sun goes down and shines on the boat from different angles allowing the “real” finish to show – bingo, there’s the swirls and dull spots! Even on a white boat swirls will show up. Surely you’ve seen them on cars & trucks as well. And neither are attractive!

Swirls are caused by the heat of the buffing pad softening the old, imbedded wax and smearing it all over your boat. Once the wax cools, the swirls remain until they’re heated up again and smeared elsewhere. You can’t just chase a swirl off the surface – though I have seen many a detailer try – you need to remove the source, the old wax. Here's how…

The application is fast, easy and gentle on you and your boat. The result will be a “clean” finish that is wax free. It is important to wash the boat first (including any surface(s) above: decks, flybridge etc) with soapy water and rinse well. This is to remove any surface dirt/particulates that could integrate into the wax stripper and scratch the gelcoat/paint during the application.

NOTE: It is very important that both the boat surface and the air temperature are a minimum of 60 degrees - warmer is better.

Best results are enjoyed when the applied product is lightly scrubbed using a non-scratch "scrubee" sponge. Dwell time after lightly scrubbing is approximately 15 minutes though many coats of either mold-release or traditional polishing wax may take an extra few minutes to fully soften. You can easily check to see if the wax has been completely softened by rinsing and removing the wax stripper from a small spot where you began the application, spray water on the the surface and if it sheets, the wax has been removed. Tests showed that after applying, scrubbing and rinsing the old existing wax, the adhesion of resin-based coatings was excellent.


  1. Wearing rubber gloves and safety glasses is highly recommended.
  2. Do not apply in direct sunlight - indoors/shaded areas are best
  3. Do not allow product to dry on the surface - apply to a manageable area. If product does get "tacky" simply apply a small amount of product to the existing.
  4. Shake well and transfer to a bucket for easier application (spray-on, brush-on or sponge-on)
  5. Spray application is best using an electric airless or compressed-air system.
  6. Sponge-on is best done using a new large auto cleaning sponge that has been dampened but still very absorbent. It is very important it is new and has no residual dirt or cleaning product.
  7. Using any of the application methods, it is important to leave a thick coating on the surface (aprox 1/8" - 1/4" thick)
  8. After applying, allow product to sit on surface 10 minutes to begin softening the wax. It is important to apply product to a manageable area - for example, if applying to a 30' boat apply to half the side of the boat (15').
  9. Then lightly scrub the area with a wet non-scratch scrubbee (rinse scrubbee occasionally to keep scrubber surface clean). After scrubbing allow product to continue softening for 10-15mins (do not allow to dry). This is a perfect time to apply product to the "next" manageable area. Repeat this process to complete the job.
  10. In preparation for rinse, check the surface where you started to be sure the wax has been softened by rinsing a small area. If water "sheets" the wax has been removed - if still "beading" allow additional dwell time.
  11. Rinsing the surface can be done with a pressure washer or with another large clean wet sponge - if using a sponge rinse in freshwater often to remove product and collected wax.
  12. After rinsing spray water onto to surface and look for any beading. If you see any, repeat application process in that area.

Note: (For detailing) - the wax-free surface will be dull and will require a medium cut  rubbing compound to bring back the gloss to the paint/gelcoat. For best results follow with a polishing compound/glaze. After gloss has been restored, finish with a high quality boat polish and sealer such as the Boat Brite Ultimate Finish.

Coverage: Aprox 200 sq. ft per gallon

Questions? Call Captain John @ 585-943-6111 (cell)

From David Marlow…
I am quite happy with the wax remover. I hope you sell a zillion barrels and eliminate the Acetone-MEK-Toluene trail. Today I applied it to a fresh hull with a scrubby pad and tested adhesion of resin on three spots. One with simple washing, adhesion poor. One with wiping on only by soft rag, adhesion very good. One with product applied and very lightly scuffed with scrubby pad, adhesion outstanding! I will include an article in our next Newsletter (April) relative to your products and the goal to mitigate damage to the environment. Perhaps you might like to write the article for submission?

From David Krupp, Tonopah, Arizona…
My wife and I own a 1989 fish/ski boat in Tonopah, AZ. The boat suffered from extremely oxidized wax all over the hull of the boat, particularly the color areas. After trying every cleaner, wax remover, rubbing compound, and everything else I could think of to clean the boat I began to get extremely frustrated. My wife, sensing my frustration and unbeknownst to me, purchased some of you Marine/Mold Release Wax Remover. I witnessed a miracle. In about three hours we were able to remove all of the old wax from the boat. I could not believe how easily the old wax came off with a little soaking and a soft brush. I figured it would take me years to remove the old wax with a buffer and rubbing compound. It even removed the sticky from the old ID numbers. I don't remember the last time I was more impressed with a product. I will definitely recommend your product to anyone and everyone who has a boat.