Boat Brite Vinyl & Leather Cleaner

The Detailers Choice for cleaning boat Vinyl & Leather Seats, Cushions, Sun Decks and Vinyl Tops.


Boat Vinyl & Leather Seats, Cushions & Sundecks, Vinyl Tops.

Our boat vinyl and leather cleaner formula gently yet thoroughly deep cleans. The completely "green" formula contains no harsh degreasers that dry out your vinyl causing premature cracking and peeling.

This marine vinyl cleaner quickly cleans body oils, suntan lotions & carbon residue from engine exhaust that clog the pores of vinyl and leather preventing ventilation of the damp inner foam padding. This is a primary cause of mold to form resulting in deterioration of the foam and permanent staining of your vinyl or leather. 

The Captain John's Boat Brite Vinyl & Leather Cleaner is 100% non-toxic, phosphate-free and quickly and completely biodegradable.

Spray product onto boat vinyl or leather. Lightly scrub with soft cloth or sponge. Wipe clean with terrycloth or paper towel. Use a soft brush(toothbrush works great) to clean greasy buildups often found in cushion corners and where convertible tops meet windshield and/or side curtains.

Do not use on glass or clear vinyl as streaking will occur.

Before & After

before and after Captain John's Boat Vinyl and Leather Cleaner