Hard Water & Algae Stain Remover for Boats

  • Incredible Spray & Wipe Formulation!
  • Works quickly on boat stains from algae, wet leaves, moss and tannins.
  • Even cleans the Chesapeake Bay and ICW “beard”.
  • Non-toxic boat cleaner .... safe to use on boats with gelcoat, paint and painted aluminum. And safe on us!


  • Spray onto surface of boat and allow to sit for several minutes
  • Scrub the boat lightly with wet brush or scrubber sponge
  • Rinse with freshwater
  • Note: Heavy build-up may require longer dwell time or a second application
  • Note: Product may streak antifouling paint but WILL NOT remove it or compromise its performance!
  • Note: a coat of Boat Brite Boat Polish at the waterline will help reduce further fouling

From Bill Houghton.
Thanks for the personal note you sent along with the Algae and Waterline stain remover. What an amazing product. We bought this at the recommendation of my son’s rowing coach. His racing scull was looking pretty dirty and when this arrived he wanted to go down to the boathouse right away and try it. As you can see in the picture (which has a little bit of the before and after), the Boat Brite product did a fantastic job without having to scrub or rub. Thanks!

From Nixa, MO.
Hi Captain John,
I recently received my boat cleaning supplies from your company and want to thank you for the nice personal note you included. That is rare to see nowadays!
Also, I wanted to compliment you for the manor in which you prepared my package for shipment. It was none in a way that I can tell you care it is received intact.
My boat is on a slip/dock on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri and I was introduced to your Algae/Waterline product by a neighbor on the dock. I am looking forward to using all the additional products and imagine they will work as well as the one we have already tried before. I plan on recommending your products to others I know who have boats, especially a friend of mine from Kansas City who is a boat cleaning maniac.

Thanks again for the note and best wishes to you & your business.
Kevin Farnsworth

From Mark Hale.
This was sent to West Marine by a fan of the Boat Brite Algae & Waterline Stain Remover….he sent us a copy to post….Thanks Mark!
To whom it may concern,

I recently went to one of your stores in Troy, MI looking for a hull cleaner to remove the waterline and algae stains from my boat.  I had a half bottle of "Roll Off" left over from last year and thought it was the cleaner I wanted.  One of your sales reps at the store said "Roll Off is really good stuff" so I spent the $27 for a gallon.  When I got home to try it, I was sorely disappointed.  I let it soak, I scrubbed it, I used 3000PSI with a 25 degree tip in my pressure washer and still had horrible stains.  Fortunately I never opened the gallon jug (returning it today).

Luckily (after hours of scrubbing with Roll Off, Simple Green, and bleach water, I found a half bottle of Captain John's Boat Brite in a corner cabinet of my garage.  It took off ALL of the stains without any scrubbing whatsoever!  Spray it on and the stains just rinse away.

Why don't you carry this in your stores?  None of the stores in my area carry it.  Captain John's Boat Brite is far superior to products your sales rep suggested.  Not his fault, because you don't carry it in the store he has probably never used it!

Please add Captain John's Boat Brite to your store inventory so that your customers can enjoy the same high quality experience as I have.  Roll Off may have a place in the boat cleaning world, but it is NOT any good at removing water and algae stains.  Boat Brite kicks its butt!!!!

Hi Captain John.
I tried to send this to you via your website and got a error.  Hope fully you will recieve this?

I have a 19 foot Trophy center console (white hull) that has been in Wilson Harbor (Wilson, NY on Lake Ontario) since May and I used your Algae & Waterline Stain Remover to clean the bottom. I first sprayed the product on to get the surface wet and let it sit for about 3 minutes to work on the brown stain that looks awful on the hull of the white Trophy. I then would dump in a bucket ¼ of a cup of the Algae & waterline Stain remover and add 1 cup of water and put a brush in and scrubber the stubborn stained area. Between the spraying and scrubbing I had a show room looking boat in an hour. In spring I will polish her up and be ready to hit the water in Spring. Great product.
Terry Kuczka
Lockport, NY

G'day guys,
I bought a spray bottle of your Boat Brite over here in Australia, gotta be honest didnt believe the "spray on, wipe off" bit. Just recently bought a new (Second hand) boat, the hull was REALLY yellowed and stained, so I thought i'd give that a shot (was going to acid wash it), sprayed a little bit on a rag and wiped it on, and the hull came up like brand new. Couldnt believe how easy it was and how well it worked.

Now, reason for my email besides the full-on praise for a top product. The 1 gallon containers (i've gotta 25ft boat, theres a fair bit of yellowing to remove) for $41?USD, how much is postage to Geelong, Victoria, Australia, 3220? I tried doing the shipping calculator on your website but it said it couldnt provide me with a quote. I know freight is expensive from one side of the world to the other, but I just thought i'd see if it was cheaper for me to buy it direct from you in the larger size, or by the bottle over here.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work.

From Adele Duncan, Oswego NY...
I was told about Captain Johns Algae cleaner and I went right out and bought it. This is the best product I’ve found yet. The green algae comes right off so the boat looks as good as new. The black streak also works great on the exhaust and grime. I would definitely recommend these products. I used it to make my 1998 252 Baja look bright again.  So bright I sold it and just ordered more products for my next boat. Thanks again.

Hi Captain John.
I am located in Oakville Ontario. We spoke on the phone last year. Once again your product performed wonderfully! Two months of growth was easily removed (aside from a few hard stain spots). Very impressive! Still cannot believe there are no acids in this product.
Taylor Pugsley

From Jack.
I told you I would send you some feedback when I had a chance to use the Algae and Stain Remover, and now I risk sounding like some old hack when I tell you this stuff is fantastic. I’m a 57 year old, retired, lazy, picky guy, and I’ve come to expect my money’s worth from products. Yours exceeded my expectations by a long shot.

The first picture is from the bottle I ordered from West Marine because they didn’t have one on the shelf. We sprayed a little on the starboard underside near the stern and waited maybe 30 seconds before we knew we had found the right stuff. I ordered a gallon because I knew that one bottle wouldn’t do our 26’ sailboat’s entire underside, and that’s when you and I talked on the phone. Finally today I got the time to pour the gallon in a pump-up sprayer and let it go to work. Holy sh-t! No rubbing, no gloves, no anything. At the car wash we sprayed it on, waited a minute or so, and rinsed it off - end of story. I don’t know what kind of stain we have, but I expect it is tannin from the Pithlachascotee River where we launch on the way to the Gulf for sailing and racing. We’ve tried a lot of stuff over the past two years, and now we aren’t looking any more or trying anything else.

From Bill.
Hi Cap,
I received my order of Boat Brite and as usual, it did the job.
Thank you for the followup.

From Diane Cotting.
I finally tried the product. And my test case was a set of oars. The front side were a mess.  Actually looking Charles river brown.  So while they were in for maintenance I decided I'd try to clean them up. I gave the a couple of squirts. That's it and I went into the other room to get some paper towels. I was gone maybe 30 seconds and had to do a double take. They were pure white and I hadn't touched them  I rinsed them with water and started on the back side of the oars. This time I stood over the oars and watched.  It was like Penn and Teller -a real magic show.  I am still stunned.  Can't wait to try a big boat.


From Mike.
Captain John,
I finally was home and had time after rowing to clean up the rowing shell.  I washed it with soap and water, which did nothing to get the algae stains off, then dried it.
I sprayed on, and wiped off the BoatBright and the stains came right off.  Then I used the YachtShine, and it polished up great.
Thanks for a couple of products that work great, just like the bottle says.

From Andy.
Hey Captain John,
Thanks for the email! We have seen the product at work and love it! I used to work for Pocock Racing Shells, so that’s how I got turned onto Boat Brite. Looking forward to seeing what it can do one some tough stains on a couple boats that are arriving from Boston, and the Charles is rough on those gelcoat boats. Thanks again and happy 2016!